We have defined objectives


We want

We would like to


•       change the attitude towards the world that surrounds us – our Home and our neighborhood

•       make each one of us manager the resources in a responsible way, not waste water, energy and food

•       focus our mutual energy on creating something which will connect people and build the consent among us by improving the quality of everyday life

•       support people, institutions and firms that implement the concept of social responsibility, sustainable development and prevent the degradation of Earth by revitalizing the destroyed environment as well as help the people who have suffered from the degradation and promote “the For Earth…” attitude

•       promote „FOR US…” attitude so we all could enjoy the Earth and the world as we know it and save it for generations to come and to improve the inter-human relations

•       promote rational and responsible approach to the way we live and use things. We want to inspire small and positive changes for better which combined together will create something bigger. Without us these changes will not happen.